What are the most suitable shoes for the jeans we wear?

This question assaults anyone who is in front of their open wardrobe.

Well, now that you have chosen the right jeans for your body and the occasion, where you can be good at selecting the right shoe to match.

Choosing the wrong accessory could ruin all the work done so far. So watch out for the details.

For example, with a Flared Pants jeans, better known as flared jeans, the perfect shoes are the block heel ankle boots.

Do we want to talk about boyfriend jeans? For those who still do not know him, they are literally “jeans stolen from his wardrobe”. The boy’s jeans used by women. Lately this kind of jeans is depopulating in Italy. They are very beautiful and comfortable and can also be worn by women. With this trousers we can only combine splendid sneakers.

With straight-cut high-waisted Denim we can put beautiful metal pumps.

With skinny jeans we can put both a boot and sneakers , maybe sneakers with a high sole, to have a more sporty and informal look.

Jeans and sneakers at any age
Regardless of the taste, the fashion of the moment, or what is proposed to us to be trendy, if we choose to wear our favorite jeans, combining it with the classic sneakers, rather than a colored leather sneaker , we will always make the choice fairer. We will be able to feel comfortable and face people and situations better.

Then, suggestions, guides and suggestions are welcome. It is easier and safer to choose and buy taking into account a few, but valid advice. But it must remain clear that what matters in the end is what we want and prefer ourselves. Without getting carried away too far from passing fashions.