How to combine shoes and jeans: tips for choosing the right outfit

Jeans are certainly the item of clothing that can never be missing in anyone’s wardrobe.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is underestimated and not always chosen correctly. Maybe you follow the fashions of the moment, although these are not suitable to dress our body.

Versatile and comfortable, we find several models: Skinny, boyfriend, stone-washed, etc … But how and which to choose? And above all, how to combine them correctly with the right shoes.

Let’s try to clarify a bit and give you some suggestions to be precise.

Jeans waist: low medium or high
With the passage of fashions and time, jeans have changed shape, color and size. Life went down or up according to the decade and the grip became more or less tightened according to the trend. Despite all these changes, jeans have always been a highly appreciated and always in vogue piece of clothing.

Choosing jeans with the right waist height can profoundly change the look and the result we want to achieve.

High-waisted jeans, for example, are perfect for those who want to give the impression of having a more curvy physique with fuller hips. Perfect match with crop top shirts.

Low-rise jeans, on the other hand, are very good for those with soft hips and flat buttocks. But watch out for the “bacon”. If you have it, avoid the low life.

Instead, they all agree on mid-waisted jeans. Those that start from 2/3 cm below the navel and that are suitable for practically any type of body.